Virgin Killer Sweater lives on

Virgin Killer Sweater lives on

Warning: This page contains material that may be considered unsafe for virgins. The Virgin Killer Sweater lives on – after a year, 4 seasons, and 12,675 posts on Instagram, girls are still posting photos of themselves wearing the skimpy garment daily.

Hash-tagged #virginkillersweater, #virginkillingsweater or simply #vks, the sweater started trending on Twitter in late January 2017, mostly among Japanese Anime geeks.

Following the publication of a series of photos of a doe-eyed Anime goddess wearing the sweater in various sexy poses, it became a viral phenomenon – the sweater was sold out in a day. As soon as new stocks appeared, they were snapped up, mostly by women in the online Anime and Cosplay communities. And now, just over a year later, it seems that this garment has the same staying power as ripped jeans. Despite the odd name (apparently it’s so sexy that it could cause virgins to have heart attacks), the sweater seems to defy the normal rules of longevity that characterize the world of fashion. So, despite the fact that by no stretch of the imagination could this item be classified as sportswear, we decided to add it to our collection. Jump on the bandwagon and get your virginkillersweater here 🙂

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